Rustic luxury tucked away in the jungles of Yala

The journey begins with the people you meet at Kele and ends with memories of the experiences you’ve shared. We welcome you to join our journey in a place where time stands still and nature calls at your door.

Kele is tucked away deep in the Dry Zone, situated just 15 minutes away from the Katagamuwa Entrance of Yala National Park, in South East Sri Lanka. Our chalets have been built on stilts to provide you with a panoramic view of the surrounding wilderness whilst ensuring safety at all times during your stay.

Our mission is to create and maintain a balance between community and conservation. This is reflected in the fact that construction of the resort prioritised the concept of “touching the earth lightly” by conserving the environment as much as possible.

Relax with a good book, take dip in the pool or head out on a game drive to spot the elusive leopard- there’s something for everyone at Kele. So join us on our quest to explore the wild world- trust us, it’s never too late.


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    Wonderful people, beautiful rooms, superb food and an expert game ranger. Would recommend wholeheartedly.


    We had a wonderful stay! The amazing accommodation and friendly staff made our trip even more fantastic!


    We just loved our stay here at Kele. So beautiful and peaceful and our hosts were so accommodating. We will definitely come again.


    What a wonderful place to stay. Beautiful food and friendly staff. 5-star. Highly recommended!


    We had a wonderful stay at Kele! Delicious food, friendly staff and an adventurous safari!