Our Values & Ethics

Kele is an eco-friendly concept from the buildings and structures to the resourcing and service. Our chalets have been built with much thought and care for the primary forest and no harm nor disturbance was caused in the construction.

The materials used are mostly wood and plant-based and are nature-friendly. We are focused on protecting our environment and giving back to nature by planting trees and using the very minimum of plastics which are of course, recycled.

Our loyal employees including our safari jeep drivers and naturalists, are residents of local communities in and around the Yala area and provide great insight and expertise in running Kele in a conscientious manner.

We are passionate about helping the local villagers, which is reflected by our purchase of local produce and hotel supplies from them. As we consider ourselves to be one with this rural community, we also make an effort to engage in community service projects involving underpriviledged schools and children.